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"Walleye..... Trophy Walleyes.... Lot's of Them"
by Captain Darrell Mittlesteadt

Have you ever caught a 10 pound walleye? Have you ever caught more than one 10 pound walleye in a single year? Have you ever caught more than one 10 pound walleye in a week? Have you ever caught more than one 10 pound walleye in a day? Impossible you say. No, itís not impossible. It is possible and it does happen on a regular basis, although probably not every day.

Where, When, and How are the questions I get asked every time the conversation turns to large walleyes. The answers are: Where... Little Bay De Noc, Michigan; When... from the 1st of October until it is iced over; How... by trolling crankbaits. Is it that simple?, is the next question. The answer is no it is not that simple. You have to have the right equipment and learn how to use it effectively.

The method, trolling, even though it sounds easy is a very exact method of fishing. It takes hours and hours of experimenting with each different crankbait to know exactly what depth each is running and how to get it to the perfect depth. What speed makes the bait work just right. Put all this experimenting together with a good working knowledge of Little Bay De Noc, plus where the walleyes are. Combine this with the right equipment, the right time of year and it should lead to a great day of trophy walleye fishing.

Some of the equipment needed:

I would like to recommend using nothing but quality like the following; rod holders... Fish On, planner Boards... Off-Shore, trolling rods... Lamiglas 1303T, fishing line... , lead core line... Cortland Kerplunk, crankbaits... the 3 that I use the most are Stormís... Thunderstick, Pradcoís... Fas Track, Luhr Jensenís... Power Dive Minnows. You will also need an accurate depth finder, speed indicator and a little luck.

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